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Tips for Staying in a Dog Friendly Hotel

Travelling with your beloved pet can be tricky. Many establishments don’t allow dogs, except for service dogs.

Fortunately, these days there are plenty of available places that allow dogs, including hotels. However, this doesn’t mean that you can kick back and abandon all responsibility. The hotel will have rules for pet owners, and you likely won’t be able to stick to the same routine that you have at home.

Why is it Important?

It might be annoying that you can’t let your dog sleep on the bed. Besides, who would know? But the hotel will have set out these rules to keep cleaning to a minimum, and to avoid any damage or odours.

In the past, dog-friendly hotels and accommodations have changed their policies due to dog owners ignoring the rules, causing mess and damage. It’s your responsibility to respect the hotel’s rules and keep your room clean and tidy while you’re there. Respect it as you would your own home.

Follow the Rules.

We’ve already touched on this subject, but it won’t hurt to go over it again! Many hotels have rules about not allowing pets on the furniture, using designated toilet areas for your dog to do their business, and not leaving your dog alone in the room.

The hotel might specify that your pet can be left alone, but they must be left in a crate. Even if you’re confident that your dog is very well-behaved and toilet-trained, stick to the rules. Breaking the rules could lead to damage, further fees, or even being asked to leave the hotel altogether.

Come Prepared.

Of course, you need to bring food and water for your dog. You should also bring toys and treats to keep them entertained, as well as food and water bowls. Chew toys can discourage your pet from gnawing on the furniture! If your dog has long hair and tends to shed, you might want to bring blankets to drape over the furniture.

Even if your dog stays off the furniture the whole time, hairs will still collect. Some hotels charge extra for cleaning if your dog leaves a mess of fur everywhere. A hotel might automatically charge extra fees if you’re bringing a dog. These fees are often not refundable, so if you decide not to bring your dog after you’ve booked, be aware that you might not get back your fee.

Bring Cleaning Supplies

Even if you’re confident that your dog won’t have an accident, it’s best to be safe than sorry. There’s also the risk of muddy paws! Towels, cloths, and a mild disinfectant will keep the hotel room respectfully clean for the hotel cleaning staff.

Take Anxious Dogs into Consideration

Your pet might be anxious and uncomfortable in busy, crowded environments. That doesn’t mean that you can’t bring them with you to a dog-friendly hotel, but you may need to be careful.

Check the hotel’s size and noise levels and try and pick a room on the first floor. This means that your dog won’t need to go up and down flights of stairs. You won’t disturb other guests, and your pet will stay calm.

Be Honest with the Hotel Staff

If your dog makes a mess that you can’t clean up, or causes some damage, come clean with the hotel staff. It may be a little embarrassing to admit that your dog has chewed something without you noticing, but the hotel staff will likely appreciate your candour. Besides, even if you sneak out without telling them, they’ll still know it was you and your pet!

If the hotel allows you to leave your dog alone the room, leave your contact number with reception, so that they can contact you immediately if necessary.

It’s best to play it safe. Your dog might be very well-behaved but travelling and a new place can shake up even the most confident of dogs. It’s also good to confirm with the hotel ahead of time. Even if you know the hotel has a dog-friendly policy, check at the time of your booking. There may be extra fees, or specific rooms you must use, or even a weight and size limit on your dog.

When it comes to travelling with your dog, there’s no reason why you can’t bring your furry friend along with you. All it takes is a little preparation and caution. While it’s wonderful to bring your dog on holiday with you, remember to be considerate of other people.

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