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Puppy Shopping List - What You Need To Buy

Updated: Aug 30, 2020


You will need three bowls - one clip on bowl (clips on the side of the cage) and a double bowl for around the house. The clip on bowl is for night so that you know your puppy has water. You will not need to go down to them in the night, they have everything they need. The other two bowl are for during the day.

Puppy Bedroom

You need a crate (medium size for a miniture cockapoo) so that yoru puppy has a place to call theri bedroom. A crate creates routine and structure to a puppies life and helps prevent seperation anxitiy.


VetBed for the crate (Puppy Bedroom) is an absolute must! If your puppy has a mistake then the vetbed protects them from having to sleep in their wet patch.

A second soft bed is a nice choice to have in the lounge so your puppy can relax.

Comfort Teddy

When a puppy first comes to you home you have to image what they are going through, they just lost their brothers and sister, been vaccinated, microchipped and now moved homes. Sleeping in their bedroom (craft) will be made so much easier without their brothers and sisters if you have a heart beat teddy. Most Puppies snuggle up against it and fall sleep straight away.

Puppy Pads/News Paper

You can buy puppy pads to help train your to know where to go to the toliet or/and use news paper. Some puppies will naturally go on newspaper as they are brough up on it with the breeder.


You need toys that are puppy proof! No beads and eyes on the toys that can come off. Kong teddies to carry around and toys for your puppy to lick penut butter from the inside are our personally favourite, they are great to simulate your pet.


You will need to buy a puppy harness for when you can take him or her out for walks. You can start by walking your puppy around your garden so they get used to the lead before their second vacination.

Puppy Food

You will need to buy some puppy food that your puppy has been fed on by the breeder. You can not suddenly change your puppies food as this will cause an upset stomach. You need to do any change gradually over time.

One thing you can add to your puppiues diet is hard boiled eggs, its a great source of protien.

Thackerys use Sugarfoot Premium Puppy Food, its made with human grade meat which is freshly prepared. Freshly prepared meats are gently cooked at 90c protecting the nutrients, meaning nutrients, such as proteins, stay intact.


I would have two types of shampoo in your cupboard for your puppy

One being an Organic Shampoo and a Healing shampoo to help treat any dry irriataed skin.


Dog food storage container - keeps food fresh and safe from little paws


We recommend getting a smart dog tag so it sends there location when they are found. The person who finds your puppy only have to use their mobile to scan the tag and your puppy's location is sent to you straight away.

Safe Peanut

Peanut treats are amazing in hot weather, this is one of the best peanut butters you can use!! highly recommend. Peanut butter is an excellent source of protein and healthy fats, vitamins B and E.


Transporting your puppy home and to and from the vets is made easier and safer with a carrier specially designed for dogs and puppies.

Cooling Matt

When the weather is so hot most dogs find it terribly hard to cope. We advise buying a cooling matt to help them. A large one gives them space to roll over it to stay cool.

There are a few items we always suggest having in your cupboard just in case:

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