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Managing mouthing in puppies and dogs

Mouthy dogs and puppies routinely use their mouth to grab at people normally without causing injury. This often happens when they are trying to get attention from their human during playtime, exercising, and when they are overexcited. While puppies under six months tend to explore the world with their mouths simular to a human baby, dogs past this age should no longer be play biting.

For a puppies and adults, this is eas so that you can ringredirect him to a proper toy - Don't forget to Praise him. n an annoyed/low toned voice. A puppy craves your attention and by you telling them "NO" and ignoring them for a few minutes will make them try to undertsand. At first they wont understand why you are doing it but they will very soon learn the pattern that when they use their mouth to get your attention they are told "NO" and then have no attention is given to them. If it continues I would reccomend a 5 minute cool down in the create (bedroom) - remember a crate is not a prison! its a bedroom.

To help encourage this good behaviour you can also:

- Buy a puppy teething chews so that the you can redirect him to a proper toy and soothe their gums when teething. Praise him for chewing the correct items.

- Same with a dog buy a dog chews so that the you can redirect him to a proper toy - Dont forget to Praise him.

- Never encourage mouthing during play.

- Make a trade with your dog teaches them to share. Teach them to give you an object in his or hers mouth without becoming defensive. Hold a treat under his nose and gently say, “Can I have that?” When he drops the item, give him the treat.

This is a good place to start and should fit any issues with mouthing - I was 9 years old and I taught a 6 month old german shepherd not to mouth with the method above. Its just about being consistent. My best advicethough is dogs are the same to children, they are all different, you have just got to work out how they tick.

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