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10 Step Guide to buying a puppy or kitten!

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

1. Look at reviews from customers! These are the people who have direct customer service from the breeder. Don’t just look at a star rating given by the council. Customer star ratings are important to know how they will treat you before and after buying your puppy!

2. Personally Thackerys believe all breeding should be regulated and people should know what they are doing before they breed. Therefore we really encourage people to buy from licences breeder. These people have been voted and checked by a council.

3. Call the breeder - Ask if there are DNA test for the puppies lines and does this mean that the puppies can not get it. (You want certificated copies to prove this) - This isn’t so much for kittens atm.

4. You want to know that the mum can be seen and that the puppies and mum are in the house and not in a kennel. ALL PUPPIES SHOULD BE BROUGHT UP IN THE HOME!!!

5. You should check you have a puppy that comes with insurance.

6. Your puppy should get vet checked and if they don’t past their vet check the deposit should be refunded.

7. Your puppy should come with first vaccination - (difficult during the virus but generally yes)

8. Your puppy or kitten should come with a puppy/kitten pack including food and guide/information.

9. All animal purchases should come with a contract that protects the animal and the new owner.

10. The breeder should ask you questions to check you are suitable for their pets.

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