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First night taking your puppy home and to prevent separation anxiety

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

There are lots of ideas when it comes to how to manage your first night. Some work and some cause more damage to your overall training. Your furry baby will be used to sleeping in a crate (their bedroom) since young from a breeder. Most puppies are required to be in crates as local councils suggest this due to all the benefits in keeping them safe and bringing them up in a routine.

I would not see the crate as a prison - its a bedroom. When they need time out let them have their space there. At night you need to sleep and so do they so here is your 7 steps for a peaceful night.

1) During the day whenever your little puppy goes to fall asleep make sure you return them to their crate,. DO NOT LET THEM SLEEP ON YOU DURING THE DAY!! This approch also helps to prevent seperation anxiety.

2) Do not give your puppy the run of the house, you're pack leader and they need to know thst you are the boss and that its ok for you to be in a different room to you.

3) Choose a room where there is not too much traffic for your crate, such as the kitchen. DO NOT PUT THEM IN YOUR ROOM!

4) You can buy a heart beat teddy so that they feel like they still have their brothers a sisters.

5) You can also use the radio to prevent your puppy being scared of new noises he or she hasn't experienced in your home.

6) Give your puppy a blanket you have slept on so they feel close to you still. Their sense of smell is their most powerfull sense.

7) Put them to sleep and do not go down to them. The first 30 mins they might cry but your trying to set their routine from day one. In the long run this will make your puppy more feel more secure. This also allows the house to function well so that you won't be loosing sleep.Also you will be teaching your puppy they can sleep safety on their own and that being sometimes on their own is ok. Many cockapoos suffer from separation anxiety but this is an easy way to help prevent it.

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