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Find the Perfect Dog Name for the New Puppy in Your Life

The day is finally here. You’ve brought your new puppy home, and you couldn’t be more excited. Everything is ready; the toys, the food, the dog bed, the brand-new lead and collar.

Just one thing is missing… the name.

Now, you might have picked the perfect name long before you brought your pup home. Or you might be undecided, waiting to see what kind of name fits your dog’s personality and looks.

The beauty of naming a dog is that you have more freedom. Your child may resent you all their lives for naming them Aloysius when all the other kids at school had names like “Emma”, “Kylie”, “Ethan” or “Logan”.

Your dog will not care if you name them “Biscuits”.

However, scrolling through lists of possible names online can be exhausting. There are so many options, and you might feel that more than one suits your dog. How can you choose?

  1. Iconic/Classic Names

There are dozens of famous dog actors or characters to choose from. Why not name your beagle puppy Shiloh? Lassie, Bullseye, Buck, Marley, Clifford, or more. If your favourite book has a dog character, you could name your puppy after that, or perhaps some variation of the name.

Old “classic dog names” work well too, like Fido, Rover, or Spot.

  1. Looks/personality Names

Perhaps from the moment you set eyes on your puppy, a name springs to mind. Rusty, Autumn, Chocolate (Choc for short), Snowy, Spot, or more. Picking a name that suits your pet’s looks can be cute and fun.

You might always want a name based on their personality; Cuddles, Skip, or even a silly name like Jumper or Barker.

  1. Quirky Names

What you consider a “quirky” name will likely depend on your own personal style and tastes. Your might prefer something drawn from literature, like Heathcliff, Blanche, Hareton, or Pip. Nature names can be very unusual, like Primrose, Briar, or Bluebell.

Or you could go the other way completely and give your dog a cute and moderately insane name, like Mr. Fluffy or Sprinkles.

  1. Shockingly Ordinary

Who doesn’t love hearing a staid old Labrador being introduced as Audrey? Old man or old lady names can be cute and surprisingly fitting.

Old-fashioned names are making a comeback, and this can be great if you want to name a pet after a particular person in your life – a grandparent, for example. Or you could give your dog the name you really wanted as a child, or the name you wanted (and were forbidden) to give your own child.

William, Norman, Fred, Violet, Estelle, Margaret – these are all the kind of names people don’t really expect a dog to have. Giving your dog shockingly ordinary human names is a great way to make them stand out.

  1. Meaningful Names

You might have a specific theme in mind. For example, you might want to name your dog something that means “small”. This can be appropriate for a small dog, and just plain funny for a big one!

Names like Pippin, Twiglet, Scamp, Nugget, Bean, Shrimp, and Dumpling all convey an idea – literal or figurative – of small cuteness.

If you have a specific theme or meaning in mind, why not search up names online? You certainly don’t have to stick to names geared specifically towards dogs.

In conclusion, names are important. While your dog will give personality to its name rather than the other way around, it’s good to choose something that you feel fits them well. The sky is the limit – your dog will be happy with their name, even if your friends and family think you should stick with the traditional Fluffy, Spot, and Fido names. However, don’t take too long. A puppy needs to learn its name as soon as possible, so you can begin bonding and training them properly.

Also, remember that you’ll likely be calling this name in public parks and in crowded streets for years to come, so choose wisely!

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