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8 Reasons You Should Have A Cockapoo

When it comes to choosing a new dog, you need to take more than the appearance into account. Most dogs are adorable, but you need to consider their needs and care requirements.

For example, some dogs need a lot of maintenance (brushing, washing, clipping, styling, etc), and others need a lot of attention, interaction, and exercise. Other dogs can be difficult to train, and should only be adopted by experienced dog trainers.

So, what dog should you get?

For thousands of families all over the world, the answer is simple - a Cockapoo!

What’s a Cockapoo?

Cockapoos are hybrid dogs, which means they’re crossed between two pedigrees. In this case, Cockapoos are the offspring of Cocker Spaniels and Poodles.

Since both of their parent dogs are friendly, intelligent, and easy to train, this makes Cockapoos fantastic companion dogs and an incredibly popular breed.

8 Reasons To Get A Cockapoo

So, why should you get a Cockapoo? What makes Cockapoos one of the best breeds around for both first-time dog owners and experienced dog owners? Let’s take a look at eight reasons to get a Cockapoo.

1. Cockapoos have a great temperament.

Cockapoos are friendly, warm, affectionate, and caring. They love spending time with their family, and they love cuddles. Both of their parent dogs - Cocker Spaniels and Poodles - are known for their affectionate nature. Cockapoos are great with children and make fantastic family pets.

2. Cockapoos are good for people with allergies.

Cockapoos are fantastic for people with allergies. Like Poodles, Cockapoos are almost classed as hypoallergenic dogs, meaning that they often don’t trigger allergies. Cockapoos shed very little, which is great for cleaning up as well as allergies!

3. Cockapoos come in different shapes and sizes.

Cockapoos come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and coat textures. This is because a Cockapoo can look more like one of its parents. For example, you might find a Cockapoo that looks exactly like a Poodle, or one that more resembles a Cocker Spaniel. Either way, you’re guaranteed to find a cute and unique Cockapoo of your very own.

4. Cockapoos are healthier than other pedigrees.

It’s no secret that most pedigrees have health conditions caused by reckless breeding. Because of this, mongrels and hybrid dogs are usually much healthier than other pedigrees. Cocker Spaniels and Poodles do have some of these inbred health issues, but they aren’t as unhealthy as some other breeds. If your Cockapoo has healthy parents, they’re likely to be far more healthy than regular pedigrees. This means that your beloved pet will live a longer, more comfortable life - and you’ll save on vet fees!

5. Cockapoos are relatively easy to care for.

Cockapoos are easy to care for due to their low maintenance needs. They don’t need brushing too often, and they shed very little. They’re naturally happy animals, love their family, and don’t need hours upon hours of exercise. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can be lazy - your Cockapoo will still need walking at least once a day, as well as plenty of physical and mental stimulation.

6. Cockapoos are good with other animals.

Some dogs can never be fully trusted with other animals. Cockapoos, on the other hand, are perfectly at home with other pets. Cockapoos will get on well with other dogs in the home, as well as cats and even smaller animals, like rabbits. Of course, if you’re introducing a new dog into the home, be sure to give all the animals involved a chance to get to know each other!

7. Cockapoos are easy to train.

The laid-back nature and intelligence of a Cockapoo will make them easy (comparatively speaking) to train. The Poodle part of a Cockapoo gives them a higher than usual intelligence, which means that your dog should easily pick up on the rules of the household, basic doggie behaviour, and any other tricks you want to teach them.

8. Cockapoos are popular dogs.

Since Cockapoos are so popular, you might be able to find a friend or acquaintance who has a Cockapoo already. Ask for an introduction, and decide whether Cockapoos are right for you. Their popularity means that there are lots of Cockapoo puppies available, and it’s easy enough to find a good, reputable breeder.

Average Cost For a Cockapoo Puppy

While Cockapoo puppies aren’t technically pedigrees, they are still highly sought-after and popular dogs - and this means that buying a Cockapoo puppy is not going to be cheap.

On average, you’ll pay around £800 for a Cockapoo puppy, give or take a hundred in either direction. Some Cockapoos may cost more - puppies with pedigree parents, for example - and of course, there are other costs to consider when getting a dog.

What To Know Before Getting A Cockapoo

So, does a Cockapoo sound like the perfect pooch for you? Here are a few things to consider before diving in.

  • Cost

Take some time to think about the cost of a Cockapoo. These dogs are expensive, and you’ll need to spend money on other things: equipment, toys, food, insurance, vet checkups, and much more. Dogs don’t come cheap, and neither do Cockapoos.

  • Care

Some of the benefits of Cockapoos include a good temperament, easy to train, and low shedding. In short, they are considered low-maintenance dogs.

But low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. Like any dog, Cockapoos can become aggressive and badly behaved if they aren’t trained and socialized properly. Your Cockapoo needs care and attention just like any other dog and will require some maintenance of its coat - baths and brushing, and so on.

  • Long Term Plans

Just like with any other dog, make sure that your Cockapoo puppy is part of your long-term plans, not a cute toy. Your Cockapoo is going to grow into an adult dog who will be part of your life for around a decade. There’s no excuse for giving up a dog just because your plans change. You agreed to take on an animal and care for it, and new babies, new houses, or different jobs shouldn’t alter your plans to care for your Cockapoo.

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